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The History of "Gertrud" Or Gerty is a long one and full of heartbreak, hopelessness and despair.  Gerty started out with a family of a child from Poland which was a happier time and place before the German Nazi invaded. The what happened next to the family children was horrific and changed the world view on Nazi Germany forever.  The family was taken to Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp and put to death, a very sad and tragic ending for millions of Jewish people in Poland during World War 2. When the family was taken to Kraków they were stripped of all their possessions and the Doll ended up with Field Marshal Goering staff and was given as a gift to a German high racking family under Field Marshal Goering. The doll stayed with the family throughout the war and they played hard with this doll. She is torn up and very dirty. After the Germans collapsed Field Marshal Goering took a cyanide pill that they didn't find on him andt he other Five of his staff were tried and found guilty and hanged from the gallows. My Grandfather was appointed as their translator and was given many gifts to seek cigarettes and sweet things like candy. On one visit by family members They gave the doll and a Hitler propaganda cigarette table book and other memorabilia for Two packs of cigarettes. After the war my Nan in England had the doll and book for many years in a glass case in the living room.  My Nan gave me the book and doll in 2004 and strange things started to happen to my family, including my daughter hearing many voices coming from the doll and seeing Joseph Stalin & Adolf Hitler in her closet. She was five at the time, CRAZY RIGHT!  I asked my Nan about the doll. She stated that the Doll was haunted and she had heard voices including broken Hebrew coming from the doll. The final straw that made me put a crystal around it's neck, religious crosses under her feet and salt around her was when the doll fell out of the closet on the floor and was on the feet, "YES HER FEET ''!  That week our dryer & dishwasher caught fire! I STATED "DIRTY GERTY INTO THE BOX WITH YOU"! I HER PUT INTO A DOLL BOX WITH THE CRYSTAL AROUND HER NECK WITH SALT ALL OVER HER! YES ALL OVER HER! NO DIRTY GERTY PLAYTIME FOR THIS GUY INTO THE BOX WITH YOU GERTY! That is where she stays and you now can come see her in the haunted doll room we have put together for you. The doll doesn't like pictures of it and will distort most photos. We put a mirror at angle so she can be filmed and that works. So come see Dirty Gerty for yourselves! Thanks for choosing 1322 Maple House Of The Dead & Where We Make Fear FUN!  Founder & President Steve Trumble 

Gerty The Haunted Doll_edited.jpg
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