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The Haunted Taxi Ghost Tours USA

Proud Partner Of Fearcation Travel!

We Make Fear Fun Year-Round!

(913) 205-9775

Open Year-Round
Family Friendly
Haunted activities Games All Night Long!

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Per Order Your Haunted Atchison (Haunted America) Paperback – March 25, 2024
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Gerty The Haunted Doll_edited_edited.jpg

Come See
Dirty Gerty
The Haunted Doll And Our Haunted Doll Room!

This Is One Of The Most Haunted Dolls
In The U.S. And The Home Of Many Other Haunted Dolls!

Creepy Door_edited.jpg
See Your Future
In The psychomanteum room

Are You Brave Enough For Our

Haunted Psychomanteum

Seeing Your Future And Scrying For The Dead! 

Can You Last In The

Can You Keep Your Breath & Wits About You During Haunted Deprivation Room

Flooting Witches Women.webp
Faces Of The Dead Room

How Long Can You Last

In The Faces Of The Dead Room


The History Of 1322 Maple House Of The Dead!
Atchison KS

Three Zombies
Rent Out For Family Fun Events, Parties & Touring

Paranormal Research

  Of This Demonic Home

We Go In On The Haunted Taxi Ghost Tours Of Atchison KS

Free parking on site

Are You Brave
Enough To Stay The 
Night In The House
Of The Dead!

Haunted activities
And Games great Fun For Everyone!



1322 Maple Street 

Atchison, Kansas 66062



(913) 205-9775

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  • Instagram
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